GUSO’s godfather

Prof. Dr. Francis Maes (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, UGhent)

Friends of GUSO

No orchestra can survive without friends that give support. It is with great gratitude that GUSO wants to thank the following people for their support. Without you, GUSO would not have been what it is today. If you are interested in becoming a friend of GUSO, you can find more information about the different formulas. You can also freely contact our PR via

Muyldermans – Stoop Ingrid en Gaëtan
Lucie Pot
familie Reynaert-Maerien
Prof. Miche De Meyer
familie Jean Vanden Thoren
dhr. en mevr. Hugo Vermeire – Cecile De Graeve
Em. Prof. dr. M. De Clercq ere vicerector
familie Boussery-Derous
famile Romaen – De Blay
familie Nevejan – Delobel
familie Pil – Rombaut
vrienden van Cimarosa
Restaurant Rhodos
Familie Decraene – Reynaert
Xavier Saelens
Stefaan Gouwy
Klaas Brusselmans – Anne-Marie Bonne
familie Galle
familie De Malsche – Blommaert
familie Maton – Debever
Van der Jeugt Frank
Sabine Verburgh & Alain Goossens
familie Leribaux-Vangodtsenhoven
familie De Vos
familie Declerck – Decoene
Reinoud en Marieke D’Haese-Coessens
Katrien De Blauwe
Em. prof. Patrick Bergmans
familie Van Craenenbroeck – Wuyts
familie Steenberghen
Koen & Veerle Platteau-De Schryver

Why become a friend of GUSO?

Apart from tickets to our productions, you get reserved seats and a small attention on the concert, as well as your name being mentioned in our concert booklet and on our website.


From this year onwards, you can choose a formula based on the number of tickets you buy. In that way, you can enjoy our concerts as a friend of GUSO with you entire family, group of friends or company. You can divide these tickets over the two concert series during the entire academic year. A friendship continues to have the same benefits as the previous years: tickets, mentioning in the booklet and on the website and reserved seats in the concert hall. Every friendship can be adapted to your wishes. Below, you can find some example formulas, but do not hesitate to request a prize for your personal plan via

  • €20/ticket

    Your name (obligatory)

    Your first name (obligatory)

    Your email-address (obligatory)


    Street name (obligatory)

    House number (obligatory)

    Postal number (obligatory)

    City (obligatory)

    Type of friendship?


    Cultural Partners