For 10 years already, GUSO stands guarantee for young symphonic sounds in the city of Ghent. The orchestra has gained enough maturity in the meantime to seek out more intimate spheres. From now on there are two different GUSET ensembles: a string and a wind quintet. Some passionate musicians strive in a limited group for those subtle personal nuances you can reach in chamber music. They present their own repertoire from pure classical to more popular music. Depending on your request, one of our two ensembles can provide a musical note on your reception/event/university ceremony.

Emma – 1ste viool
Michael – 2de viool
Briek – altviool
Jakob – cello
Anke – contrabas

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Special thanks go to the five members who have made GUSET grow and flourish for four years. In the meantime, they have proudly continued their ensemble under the name GUSTAV, brother of GUSET. You can always contact them for non-university occasions.