Play along

Normally, the orchestra is open for everyone, not only for students of the UGhent association, but it speaks for itself that in case of an oversupply of certain instruments, we will give priority to students. The ultimate decision will be made after the auditions.

The auditions

Everyone that wants to become a member of the orchestra, has to do an audition. Don’t be intimidated! The audition is primarily meant to get acquainted with you and it permits us to settle on the arrangement of the orchestra. Apart from this more formal part, you can get to know the other members in a relaxed environment.

To let the auditions go as smoothly as possible, it is recommended to register in advance by means of this form.

You can find the dates for the audition in the calendar.

For more information, you can contact our vice-president.

The course of an audition

At the beginning of every semester, we hold audition days, and these will go as follows:

You play a short piece of your choosing

Audit trail to be prepared

A sight reading of a small excerpt from one of our pieces

A short talk about motivation, commitment and experience


After the week of the auditions, everyone is expected to come to the weekly rehearsals. To be able to work efficiently within a restricted period of time, it speaks for itself that everyone is present every rehearsal.
If you are unable to come, notify our vice-voorzitter on beforehand. In case of frequent absence, the board can decide to refuse your participation of the concert. 
You can find the rehearsal schedule here.

Rehearsal weekend

Each semester, we organise a rehearsal weekend. We strongly recommend to join in. During such a weekend, we work intensely on the programme and some decisive musical decisions are made. Apart from rehearsing, other activities are organised, which turns the rehearsal weekends into an unforgettable experience. The internship will take place on the following dates.